The easy way to embed up to 80 characters into a public Blockchain.


Marybeth, you are my best friend and sweetheart forever. I love you. John A.

No one can touch Brazil when Neymar is playing.

PV=nRT is the coolest scientific formula known to humankind.

You'll get a Blockchain Receipt as proof of having etched your words permanently and indelibly into a distributed general ledger system shared by a network of computers around the world.

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1. You get a Blockchain Receipt with a unique reference number enabling you to look up the corresponding ledger entry at any future date, for many years to come. The format is plain text. Share with family, friends, colleagues.
2. How does it work? What is the "secret sauce"? The magic comes from old-school LAMP stack programming (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) coupled with a Bitcoin testnet node. Each tweet (up to 80 characters) is received, relayed and embedded within the data structures of the Bitcoin test network.
3. This project is an ongoing exploration of protocols, architecture and capabilities. Blockchain enthusiasts, in particular those seeking to leverage data embedding on public chains, please do get in touch, and I promise to respond. Special thanks to Gideon Greenspan for his open-source repositories on Github.
4. The first tweet is free. If you like the demo, add 10 credits for $10. I'll be grateful for your support. This also helps to keep user activity at reasonable levels. Cheers.